Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 12-Receive

Hi I’m Trudy from a creative life and I’m wondering if you have enjoyed the 12-ways of Christmas so far?  I know I have and I am happy to bring you our 12th and final day.  Today’s topic is “Receive

I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate topic to wrap up this year’s 12-Ways of Christmas.  I know that many of the contributors so far have shared FHE outlines, but I like to do things a bit differently and will be simply sharing my thoughts on “Receive” along with some “Thank You Cards” for you to use for all those gifts you may have received this year.  I hope you enjoy what I have put together and that simplifying this topic will allow you to really reflect and receive on the message of “Receive” into your heart.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 11-Influence

At Christmas time we turn our thoughts to the Savior and remember His birth, His life and His love for each one of us.  This year, as we remember Him, may we also remember the "influence"  of his sweet mother, Mary.  We can learn from her gentle, yet powerful "influence" as we strive to serve as women and mothers in the church.  

I chose the word "influence" because I immediately thought of the "influence" that we as women can have on the world for good.  We have so many wonderful examples of righteousness, like Mary, who can "influence" us to uplift those around us, strengthen our families, and care for others with service, love and compassion.

May we remember this season the "influence" we can have on others as women, and look to those righteous examples of love and goodness seen in so many women not only among us now, but who have lived, loved and sacrificed before us, such as Mary did. 

Here is a preview of the materials included in the file you will be downloading:

Download complete file HERE (4shared)
HERE (Megaupload)

File includes:
2 Printable Paper/Stationary (.jpeg)
12 Printable Word Art Images (.png/.jpeg)
Lesson Materials Handout
Instructions for Printing Word Art/Paper

Thank you and Merry Christmas! 
Jennifer Arbon

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 10-Serve

I am so excited to bring you Day 10, Serve. There is nothing I like more than serving, especially during the Christmas Season. I hope as you participate in Day 10, you will find ways to serve your family and all those you come in contact with. If we look to the Savior as our ultimate example, you will see that His life was full of service and continues to be each day as we exercise the Atonement in our lives. May your Christmas Season be filled with service and the joy, peace, and love that comes through serving.  Thanks, Kathy from The Latest Scoop, Too

Merry Christmas!
Click preview to download from 4shared or HERE for download from MEGAUPLOAD

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 9-Increase

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

I hope all my 12 ways friends are enjoying the holiday season and that God's peace is on you at this blessed time of year.

Inspire - 12 ways of christmasI chose the topic "Increase" for my handout. In the 12 Ways, the word increase means an increase of spiritual things, not an increase of money or temporal things. I've placed a special emphasis in the family home evening lesson on the birth of the Savior and the increase of joy that comes as we learn of Him. The logo I designed uses a leaf motif to show growth and increase through God.

My 15-minute Family Home Evening lesson on Inspire includes a simple hands-on activity that uses expanding foam insulation. You may buy a can at most department and hardware stores for around $3.00 (USD). It is a fun activity for families with small children, and the lesson isn't so long as to be boring. Aside from buying the can of insulating foam, no advance preparation is needed.

Download Increase

Download the fridge magnet, logo, and family home evening at

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If you love what you've seen here, please visit us at for lots of LDS Clipart, Young Women, LDS Primary, Primary Talks, Family Home Evening lesson, and Relief Society ideas for LDS teachers and leaders.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 8 - Rescue

Hi friends, haven't the past 7 days been wonderful?  I'm so amazed at these beautiful women who have agreed to help me with this collaboration.  I'm so grateful for fabulous friends. Today, my download is about the Savior and how he is our Rescuer - the one we can turn to for everything and how we can be like Him by sharing and serving others.  I hope you enjoy this download as well.  Hugs, Andi

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 7 - SPEAK

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and please enjoy remembering the Savior and our Heavenly Father, and feel the peace the Spirit can bring into our lives and the lives of others

Susie Lopez

TERMS OF USE: These items included can be used for any good purpose, please no commercial use.

Day 6-Instill

Thanks to Amanda from Shall Always Strive.  She has prepared a beautiful FHE lesson and the treat is awesome, I can't wait to make it with my kiddos.  Thanks Amanda for a beautiful Lesson.  Hugs, Andi

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 5-Realize

Hello and Happy Friday! I am Mary of Plum Dumpling Designs and I am so happy to be sharing with you today.  I have enjoyed this series and really love sharing these ideas and lessons with my family.

Our topic today is REALIZE. This lesson helps us decide what our gift to Christ will be this Christmas. I've used snowflakes as a symbol of each of us and our divine potential. Not necessarily a Christmas symbol, but one that I see a lot of at Christmas time!!

Download here from 4Shared or

I hope you will be able to share this lesson with your families and enjoy the wonderful Spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Please feel free to use this lesson for any good purpose. Please do not use it for commercial gain.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 4-Submit

Hello Friends- This is Audra from Audra's Little Scrap's with you today. I am so excited to be a part of this years "12 Ways of Christmas" I hope you are all enjoying the great stuff all these awesome ladies have put together!

The theme for today is "Submit." Included in today's download is a lesson plan with a number of activities for a variety of ages based on the following scripture:

Alma 12:28 But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all long-suffering;

Download HERE

Included with this lesson are Song Suggestions, 2 Quotes with Object Lessons with coordinating songs/photos, Bookmark, Mirror Card, Coloring Page, 8x10 Photo to print, and 20 piece Memory Match Cards

Merry Christmas!!

Also, we had an email requesting a Cover Page for these 12 Ways so that people can put all of these into a binder - so we just completed it and hope it is useful to you all.

Download Cover page 4shared
Download Megaupload

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 3 - Inspire

This is Melanie from and I am extremly honored to be a part of this great work with Andi and other great designers.

My assigned word or topic was "inspire". I divided the lesson into two parts - "to be inspired" and "to inspire others".

I hope you enjoy this file as much as I have putting it together.

CLICK HERE to open file.

Number of pages in file - 10

TERMS OF USE: Anyone, anywhere can use this file for any good purpose. However, it cannot be used for commercial gain. Thanks!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2-Remember

I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the 12 Ways of Christmas this year. I have felt the spirit as I have read and studied and prepared to use today's word - REMEMBER. I pray that you will be able to use the ideas that I have prepared to enrich your families' lives during this special time of year and remember Jesus in all that you do.

Download the PDF File
TERMS OF USE: Anyone, anywhere can use this file for any good purpose.

If you couldn't get the above file, it might be because I reduced the size on it. So you can download the link below - but it is much larger:

For those of you who are digital scrapbookers - I have a little mini-kit that I designed and used in the creation of my pdf file and I'd like to offer it to you now as well. (please see the TOU in the zip).


Thanks for letting me share with you!

DeDe Smith
DesignZ by DeDe

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 1-Shelter

That wonderful time of year is here again and we have yet another great year of The 12 Ways of Christmas. My 4 Princesses Designs is starting out our 12 Ways of Christmas with Day1- Shelter:

Click on image or here to download this FHE kit.

12 Ways of Christmas Cover Page-2010

Here is our cover page for those of you who have missed it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elegant Wordart-Special Presentation

Hello dear friends, it's a little late as I've come down with what I think is pneumonia, sorry I didn't post this earlier today.

We are going to start off this amazing yearly tradition with a special presentation of all the daily themes in word art form from my dear friend Bethany from Elegant Word Art.  Thanks Bethany for your help with this 12 Ways and for the lovely word art for the themes and for our blog header.  It is so beautiful and has truly made this blog look even more awesome.  Hugs, Andi

You can download all of these daily themes at 4Shared or Megaupload

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Designer Call Closed

Hi friends, Designer call is now closed.  I am so happy and excited about who is joining us this Christmas.  It's going to be wonderful.  Thank you for your encouragement - and for my designer friends, I love ya all!  Andi

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So excited to begin work on the 12 Ways of Christmas!

I'm Jenny Smith from, and I was so excited to get the invitation from Andi to help participate in this year's 12 Ways of Christmas project! What fun it will be to collaborate with such talented LDS Designers to celebrate the holiday season!

Last year Andi posted her 12 ways ideas at her blog here:

But this year the main site for the 12 ways will be here:

Bookmark it so you can be sure to come back and see the fantastic ideas these designers come up with.

About Me

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Design with an emphasis in Industrial Design at BYU and am always ready to flex my stiff design muscles for an exciting project. I prefer to work 3-dimensionally, but as a webmistress I'm developing my graphic design skills all the time. Right now my major projects are, where other users and I share LDS clipart and lesson handouts for Young Women, Relief Society, Family Home Evening, and LDS Primary. It's a blessing to be able to share our ideas with one another as we build Zion on the internet.

Thanks again, Andi, and I look forward to working with the other bloggers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 12 Ways Designers

(Word Art Only - Bethany is not working on a daily Theme)

Mormon Share Button

Amanda at her wonderful blog:  Shall Always Strive

Gearing up for 12 Ways

Hello Friends, I decided to create a 12 Ways Blog so that hopefully this will be an easier way for all of us who are involved as well as for our followers to locate these ideas.  Check out who is all involved  this year for 2010!  Pretty awesome huh!  More details coming so stay posted.  -Andi