Friday, December 7, 2012


Hiya dear friends.  This is Andi from Sassy Girl Studio (previously from Hot Pink Pansy).  I hope you're all doing wonderful and having a wonderful December.

Life has gotten crazy the past 2 years - due to my FIL's illness last year of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, and then he passed away this year in October, so my life has been full of picture/memory keeping and concentrating on family and helping my MIL and the Hubs through this difficult time.  I haven't had the time to dedicate to the 12 Ways as I had hoped.  Please accept my apology as I had totally intended to have it ready by post on the 12th anyway.  Barring a miracle for this year, I won't have it ready for until next December 2013.  Nothing like a 2 year Hiatus...LOL.

Andi Walker

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